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he Gateway to the Sequoias. We’ve made our own fun growing up in the Golden State’s Central Valley. Component Coffee Lab is just one thing that came out of many constant creative and exciting urges our valley is known for. Before Component, Greg was roasting his own morning coffee every night with a popcorn popper, and yes, listening to Bob Dylan’s Slow Train Coming. Nights became longer as friends and family made their needs apparent, quickly prompting an upgrade of equipment to a one-pound electric roaster. As demand increased for well roasted coffee, so did the need to quit his screen printing job and go all in with a newly acquired Diedrich ir-3 coffee roaster. These days he can be found doing “market research” in coffee-saturated parts of California, geeking out with fellow roasters, and pouring coffee at the Farmer’s Market in Visalia every Saturday morning, all with mug in hand. Enjoys short walks on the beach and fried food.

How we do


Of Course.

This begins the process of supplying our customers with an excellent product. Working with a trusted broker helps with selecting fresh crops of high-grade coffee beans farmed and processed with above-standard methods, grown at high altitudes in prime regions. Without staying true to these standards, the following processes become secondary. The dream as we continue is to source directly from the farmers, creating relationships and cutting out the middle men. Ultimately we can invest and more effectively promote the first (and most important) hands in the coffee industry.


The Art and Science

Each coffee is roasted using rigorous method to create its unique profile. Variables of heat, time, airflow, and a temperature curve combine to push forth the natural flavor, specific to the region and processing of the coffee being roasted. It’s not about simply turning the beans brown, Greg has notebooks filled with trial and error to document those long hours! The ever-changing climate and resulting crops are what make coffee roasting so exciting. There is always something to learn about a new crop and how it responds in the cup.


Finally, BREW!

This is the last stop in the journey of the coffee bean, unless you like to throw your used grounds in your garden. Nowadays it can be pretty overwhelming to research the bountifully diverse ways that people use to brew coffee. When we brew, we like to use a universal 1:15 (coffee:water) ratio to fully extract from the coffee grounds. Of course time, temperature and grind size are huge factors that must be paid attention. Click the button below to see some examples and how-to on some methods we stand by for brewing.

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Enjoy the Store
Enjoy the Store
Sequoia Snack Shop
Sequoia Snack Shop
Ol Buckaroo
Ol Buckaroo
Velouria Records
Velouria Records

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  • Greg Amend
    Greg Amend Owner/Roaster
  • Matt Sampietro
    Matt Sampietro Farmer's Marketeer
  • Alex Neil
    Alex Neil Not a real employee
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