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The Story


e live in a sleepy town not far from Sequoia National Park, and grew up making our own fun. Music, art, skateboarding, and general mischief drove us into creative circles that just fueled our lust for life. Greg decided to try out roasting coffee with a popcorn popper, eventually deciding to quit his job much later and go all in with a Diedrich ir-3. A few years later, Jon, Miguel, and Mikayla partnered with Greg to create Component Coffee Lab, tackling the first objective of building a mobile cart featuring our Slayer espresso machine. For now, we are strictly mobile and cater locally for events and farmer’s markets. It is an understatement to say that we are beyond thrilled to get our cafe up and running. Keep posted!

How we do


Of Course.

This begins the process of supplying our customers with an excellent product. Working with a trusted broker helps with selecting fresh crops of high-grade coffee beans farmed and processed at farms observing ethical treatment of workers, with above-standard methods, grown at high altitudes in prime regions. Without staying true to these standards, the following processes become secondary.


The Art and Science

Each coffee is roasted using rigorous method to create its unique profile. Variables of heat, time, airflow, and a temperature curve combine to push forth the natural flavor, specific to the region and processing of the coffee being roasted. It’s not about simply turning the beans brown, Greg has notebooks filled with trial and error to document those long hours! The ever-changing climate and resulting crops are what make coffee roasting so exciting. There is always something to learn about a new crop and how it responds in the cup.


Finally, BREW!

This is the last stop in the journey of the coffee bean, unless you like to throw your used grounds in your garden. Nowadays it can be pretty overwhelming to research the bountifully diverse ways that people use to brew coffee. When we brew, we like to use a universal 1:15 (coffee:water) ratio to fully extract from the coffee grounds. Of course time, temperature and grind size are huge factors that must be paid attention. Click the button below to see some examples and how-to on some methods we stand by for brewing.

Find our coffee at these local locations.
Enjoy the Store
Enjoy the Store

Who We Are

  • Jonathan Anderson
    Jonathan Anderson Co-Owner

    Administration // Logistics

  • Greg Amend
    Greg Amend Co-Owner

    Roaster // Wholesale Manager

  • Jesse Skogen
    Jesse Skogen Lead Barista

    Training Manager

  • Miguel Reyes
    Miguel Reyes Co-Owner

    Culinary Mastermind

  • Mikayla Reyes
    Mikayla Reyes Co-Owner

    Culinary Mastermind

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